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We are a premium eCommerce and regular email marketing company based in Cape Town, South Africa – Our aim is to provide a high quality email marketing tool for online shop and regular business owners.

Reactive Mail is the brain-child of developing online shopping environments for nearly 10years – understanding that Email Marketing is time consuming and costly due to the labour intensiveness of having to populate emailer templates 1 product at a time.

We understand marketing data and re-marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing – Customers will always take the path of least resistance, re-marketing fills that void.

What Makes us Unique?

See how our solution works for You & Your business.


Time has become a luxury – REACTIVE MAIL utilises as little of your time as possible with the greatest impact – AKA Bang for Buck

5 step Campaign Builder

Create product rich marketing emails within 5min or less – Request a Demo

Automated Thinking

Why continue manually processing your marketing, when you can automated it – Thats how we think…

Conversion Driven

The Goal behind our Email Marketing products is to generate conversions, which in turn, generate revenue – Nobody gets out of the bed to break even…

Direct Integration

Reactive Mail directly integrates into your Online shop platform – below is a list of platforms we currently support – If your platform isn’t on the list, let us know – we would love to build a module for your online shop.


eCommerce Product eMail Marketing

Product driven email marketing product – streamlining the entire process – Less is more.

Auto-Promo eMail Marketing

Automatically send out deal based email marketing material without intervention. Let your marketing work for you!

Regular eMail

We also support simple text based eMail marketing
e.g Monthly Newsletter

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See how our 5 Step Campaign Builder Differs from the rest
Designed around creating Email Campaigns as Quick
as possible

  • 1.

  • 2.

Campaign Details

Configure your Campaign with the necessary information – Nothing Fancy, Standard Stuff

Product Selection

Select the products you’d like to showcase in our product manager (Automatically pulled from your online shop)
  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

Template Selection

Select your template of choice, you have a few options: Start from Scratch, Import a template or use one of the templates pre-loaded

Drag n Drop Editor

Using our Drag n Drop editor, edit your template to your liking, send test emails and confirm everything is Perfect

Summary & Send

Here we list your Campaign information and give you, your sending options (schedule or Send Now) – All Done 🙂



R499/ Monthly
  • Up to 2500 Customers
  • NO External Lists
  • 25 000 Monthly Quota
  • Direct Integration
  • NO Auto-Promotm
  • General 24/7 Support


R899/ Monthly
  • 2500 to 10 000 Customers
  • 1 External List (10000 max)
  • 150 000 Monthly Quota
  • Managed Integration
  • Auto-Promotm
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Pro +

  • Unlimited Customers
  • As Many List's as Needed
  • Unlimited sends
  • Managed Integration
  • Auto-Promotm
  • Dedicated Account Manager

** 30 day refund if you’re NOT completely happy **

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Smarter Email Marketing

Reactive Mail as a Business comprises of a mixture of experiences and marketing
skills, but all share the same background in Ecommerce/Online Shop development
and marketing within a South African economy.

With this mixture of skill sets, an isolated issue with Email marketing for Online
shops began to grow as the likes of Facebook Ads, Google PPC and
Google Shopping Gained in popularity, Email marketing fell by the waist side.

 Email Marketing is the best way to interact with your already established
customer base and Online Shop owner’s needs to understand
the value and potential sales being lost by not capitalising on this business

Customers will purchase from your Online Shop again before
purchasing from someone new – You’ve built the trust,
benefit from that trust and give your customers
the products & services you provide

Reactive Mail just makes the entire process as streamlined as humanly possible.
Last but not least – All our products include a 30day refund policy


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